Now Powered by Socialbakers!

On June 6th, 2011 we started Applum around a dining room table with a whiteboard made out of shower board nailed to a wall. Three years later, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with industry leader Socialbakers! This powerful partnership will combine our news feed analytics and engagement … Keep reading

ShareGrab Top 8

Attempting To Growth Hack ShareGrab

The original EdgeRank Checker provided a “Tweet your score!” after checking it out. We had a crazy amount of people tweeting the site and sharing it. Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of that tweeting mechanism so early in our inception. When we went to launch the paid version of … Keep reading

ShareGrab Homepage

The Inception of ShareGrab

Many people struggle with the idea of creating a Facebook Page for their business, because of the fear of what they would actually post. I’ve heard this complaint from countless business owners, and it’s a problem that I dealt with on a regular basis in my agency days. Here’s … Keep reading


EdgeRank In Egypt

The power of social media swept through the Middle East as the Arab Spring brought democracy and freedom to previously deprived people. It’s now apparent that the Middle East is socially savvy and exploring the intricacies of using social media for business. I was recently asked to speak at … Keep reading


Why Every Company Should Keep Their Facebook Timeline Open

Facebook Pages offer an excellent opportunity to engage with customers online. Social media marketing is often analogized to a cocktail party. Effective networking at a cocktail party entails meeting people and discussing relevant topics of interest. Traditional marketing typically invokes a one way communication channel. Facebook marketing changes this, … Keep reading