Instant Redesign:

Target recently redesigned their website. When a ubiquitous brand makes a design change the Internet responds, usually negatively. I want to point out the difference it makes to a design when one simple CSS property is changed, or in this case removed.

Some elements work here, and some don’t. I like the typeface they’ve chosen for headings (Griffith), and the information and photography in the boxes are helpful and informative. However, I’ve made one very simple change that improves the entire layout.

Remove the Box Shadows

When the drop shadows around the boxes are removed everything on the page instantly looks brighter and more appealing.


The redesign as it is now.


The site with NO drop shadows.

How I Made This Change: Using the web inspector in Google Chrome, I selected one of the boxes and hid the drop shadows. This change is not permanent, it’ll go back to normal with the box shadows intact when the page is refreshed.


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