Attempting To Growth Hack ShareGrab

The original EdgeRank Checker provided a “Tweet your score!” after checking it out. We had a crazy amount of people tweeting the site and sharing it. Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of that tweeting mechanism so early in our inception. When we went to launch the paid version of our product, we had amassed an email list of ~20k. I believe that this is partly due to our tweeting mechanism.

With ShareGrab, this mechanism does not exist. ShareGrab has been well received and reviewed, yet the growth I’ve been looking for hasn’t happened. This got me thinking down the “Growth Hacking” thought process.

Today, we’re unveiling a “Share Your Top 8″ Tweet.

ShareGrab Top 8For the technically inclined, this is pretty cool stuff. We’re caching the Top 8, creating a file, hosting it on our site for non-users to check it out. For the typical internet user, this is still pretty cool stuff. You can now share the Top 8 for friends from your Pod.

For example, I have a D.C. area sports Pod. I can now share the top content from all of the sources to anyone. I’ve created a link to show you what I mean:

We’ll see how it goes!

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