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Many people struggle with the idea of creating a Facebook Page for their business, because of the fear of what they would actually post. I’ve heard this complaint from countless business owners, and it’s a problem that I dealt with on a regular basis in my agency days. Here’s the brutal truth for most business marketing on Facebook:

Ideal — Create your own awe inspiring content daily
Reality — Create your own content sporadicly, fill in with relevant conversation pieces daily

While helping a loved one with their newly created business on Facebook, I found myself checking in with similar businesses that were publishing cool content. I would go to each Page, scroll through their timeline to see which posts had the most Shares. I made a mental note of their average level of Shares per post.

I was dead set on Shares, and Shares only. Why? She didn’t have fans. We needed fans, and I wanted to do it on a budget. How do we get exposure to people for free, who aren’t fans? Shares.

I realized I was wasting too much time of my day. Jason helped me hack together a script that did this process for me. I now could pull up the script, quickly see what’s working for some of the competition. I could then directly Share their post or see a particular topic that was succeeding and maybe we could blog about it. This script saved me hours over the past few months.

Then it hit me, we can help save time for other people.

Today, we’re unveiling our stealth project. We’re not officially launching, but I wanted to get feedback from a small group of people before we do so. You’re the first to know, any and all feedback is greatly welcomed:

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