We Finally Made a Website

In the summer of 2011 three web geeks, feeling oppressed at a small agency, decided to change the way we worked. The mission statement was short and sweet: escape the drudgery of client work. With this goal in mind, we created Applum. We can’t introduce our company without mentioning Jason Fried and David Heiner Hanson of 37signals. All three of us read Getting Real, quit our jobs, launched our startup, moved to Chicago, and haven’t looked back.


Jason Norris


An incredibly gifted and multitalented developer who turns abstract ideas into eloquent code with a dash of wit.

Kelby Hawn


A kitten-loving minimalist with a fondness for typography and organization, who crafts and polishes pixel-perfect product.

Chad Wittman


A sometimes brash, but honest businessman who lives and breathes the industry in an effort to bring awareness in a crowded tech space.

This is our story, we’ll write about what we know in hopes to share our knowledge, experience, and insights with others who are interested.

  1. Hans Ahrens

    Go, Kelby, go! Your Opa Hans A.

    • Kelby Hawn


  2. Joao

    Nice one guys, I just came over here from your footer on whatisgraphsearch.com

    Let me just try to figure this out: Jason does the programming, Kelby the design, and Chad gets clients?

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